Happy New Year – 2017

New Year always provides us with January starters!
2017 – a prime year!

Mathematics, Learning and Technology

When 2017 starts around the world!

New Year Map – showing when cities round the world enter 2017.

2017-year-game 2017 Year Game from mathforum.org

It’s that time of year again and we can play the 2017 Year Game in our January lessons.

simon-jobs-mathsclass MathsClass

On Simon Job’s MathsClass, he suggests writing a number sentence under the date; as you can read on his blog he endeavoured to write the number sentence using the digits of the date in order in 2016. It strikes me this idea could be used as a starter, ask the students to come up with such a number sentence.

2017 is a prime number and as we see from the WolframAlpha properties below, in particular a Pythagorean prime, so another source of starters and investigations perhaps? The last time the Year was a Pythagorean prime was 1997.


We can always turn to Number Gossip from Tanya Khovanova for information…

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