Mathanagrams from transum Software

Mathanagrams from transum Software

One of the Shine & Write Activities from Transum Software is Mathanagramsthese could be displayed for students to solve and they could then be asked for a sentence using that term.

Key terms for a topic could be used to create a Wordle poster as a starter or plenary. A link to the poster could then be given on a class website, wiki, blog or VLE.

A term or terms could be looked up on Jenny Eather’s Maths Dictionary for Kids showing students something they could use at home as well as providing a starter activity. Also very useful is this glossary for teachers. It’s really good for students too as it defines vocabulary used in Mathematics from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 (Ages 6-16). For the terminology used in question papers see this docment: maths_exam_terminology


You could create a crossword on key terms from the lesson with the excellent free software – Eclipse. The grid shown in the image above was generated by the Eclipse program. Click on the image to download the crossword and solutions as a pdf. The program is very straightforward to use and includes a clear tutorial section. See these reference resources for inspiration for crossword clues. Transum created this interactive crossword with the software from Eclipse.


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