Transum Starter of the DayFrom Transum SoftwareMaths Starter of the Day. Note that there is a complete index of starters including the topic of the starter. Many of the Shine and Write activities would also make good lesson starters.

J Hall Maths ToolsJonathan Hall’s Tools for Maths Teachers includes Starters and also a bank of GCSE questions. The illustration shows an example from Differentiated Questions.

A+ Click Math is an outstanding site; choose by topic or by age from this extensive collection of problems; all are multiple choice, include solutions and will display well on the interactive whiteboard.

On David Watkins has provided an extensive, easily searchable collection of Excel Mathematics worksheets. These worksheets can be customised to suit a particular class, including an option to display answers.

MathsBox – the settlers in each category make ideal starters. Choose Samples for a generous collection of free samples. Whilst this blog is on free resources, the MathsBox subscription is very low for an extensive collection of high quality resources.

From Richard Tock – a great collection of starters on Tick Tock Maths.

JustMaths – I particularly like their Ever Wondered Why worksheets which are ideal for starters as students can just get on with them as soon as they come in. has a growing collection of starter activities.

The Subtangent resources from Duncan Keith are available from the National Stem Centre (the original site is no longer available). This is a great collection including various worksheets, starters, investigations and revision activities. See the very useful pdf file of 30 starters. Some files are also available on Mathisfun. A personal favourite of mine has always been the linear equation calculator.

AQAFrom AQA comes an outstanding resource, ‘Problem Solving Questions‘.
The Teacher’s Guide includes indices by topic and also by strategy.
AQA Problems – updated version.

Em   has a brilliant PowerPoint with all the questions and answers – see it here.

There are several resources tagged Starter / Plenary on Spencer Riley’s excellent TeacherLed site.
These resources are excellent on the IWB.

Sample Activities from Bring on the Maths.

From Jonathan Hall’s Flash Maths, another excellent collection! (Popular resources).

From World Class Arena the Rotato and PrimeChoice activities (see 12-14 year old computer problems – clicking the computer icon loads both activities.

InterActMath is designed to accompany Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall textbooks but does stand alone. Choose a book and a chapter for several exercises, the view can be enlarged so could be displayed on an interactive whiteboard. The questions are multiple choice. It is possible to view examples with complete explanations. A keypad is provided for entering mathematical expressions.

Figure This! (from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, in cooperation with the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Widmeyer Communications, and the Learning First Alliance) has a variety of problems with solutions. Use the index to choose a topic.

There is a bank of ideas contributed by TES forum members on this wiki.

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